Asia remains the focus of the global automotive industry due to sluggish sales in Western markets. This is particularly true for China as the largest market globally and India featuring over-proportional growth in recent years. New vehicle concepts for local requirements in emerging markets such as robustness, budget price and emission standard compliance make simplification of the product portfolio or new product developments necessary.

Stricter emission regulations are meanwhile pushing the powertrain of the future: the electrification of the car will radically impact the global automotive landscape and drastically change the component set-up of the future vehicle. With more than 50% of global sales, China emerged as major market of electric vehicles supplied primarily by established domestic car makers and numerous e-mobility start-ups on the rise. As new entrants move onto the stage, traditional OEMs and Tier suppliers are urged to adjust their strategies in order to secure future growth. Parallel to the electrification of the drivetrain and autonomous driving, car connectivity and shared mobility concepts are perceived as major game changers with additional revenue potentials expected to outgrow new vehicle sales and its after-market and thus offering attractive market participation opportunities for innovative data and service providers.

Since the mid-1990sEAC has been active in key global automotive hubs, especially in Asia. Our first-hand knowledge based on local resources and existing networks enables us to successfully advise both OEMs and Tier suppliers in addressing the dynamic transformation process. EAC supports its clients with product-specific, value-chain, organizational and partnering strategies and guides the execution roadmap to pave the way towards a sustainable market position in the long run.