1992 Foundation of the company

In 1992, Dietmar Kusch founded EAC- Euro Asia Consulting in Munich. One year later, Daniela Bartscher-Herold joined EAC. Both are still Partners in the company. In the early days EAC focused on projects for the German “Mittelstand“ (small and medium-sized enterprises). But before long, large multinationals had also become clients of the company.

1995 Official opening of the EAC office in Shanghai

With the opening of an office in Shanghai in 1995, EAC laid the basis for further expansion in growth markets. Since 2000 the Shanghai Office has been managed by Daniel Berger, Partner of EAC. He heads EAC´s largest office together with Uwe Haizmann, also Partner of EAC.

1995-2005 Period of rapid growth

From the mid 90’s, EAC grew dramatically. Revenues and number of employees doubled. Around half of the DAX companies became clients of EAC. In addition, EAC acquired business in other European countries and the US. Besides China, EAC also began increasingly to address other growth markets such as India and Russia.

2005 Opening of the EAC office in Mumbai

Since the end of the 90’s, EAC had been successfully supporting its clients in India. Initially supported by local partners, EAC has worked with its own team and office since 2005. Responsible for India and the Middle East Region the office has been managed since inception by Ashish Kumar, Partner of EAC. In addition to the regional project work carried out there, EAC´s global research is coordinated from India.

2006 New Partner on board

In April 2006 Christina Stercken joined EAC as a Partner. Before that, she had worked in various management positions, particularly within Siemens AG.  Among other posts she had held was that of Head of the China Task Force and in her last six years there she was Head of Global M&A.

2011 Advisory Board of EAC 

Dr. Herbert Wörner, Dr. Horst Heidsieck, Dr. Albert Hieronimus, Harald J. JoosDr. Kay Mayland and Prof. Dr. Bernd A. Stecher were invited to form the Advisory Board (“Beirat”) of EAC. In this capacity they support and advise EAC on its continuing growth path. These successful senior managers combine a profound understanding of industry with many years in top executive positions and international experience.

2013 Opening of the EAC office in Moscow

Since 2013 EAC has had a fourth regional presence – in Moscow. The local team is backed up by the Competence Team Russia/Eastern Europe in Munich, headed from 2000 to January 2016 by Liane Höpler. In October 2013 Daniel Stähle took over as General Manager of the EAC Moscow Office.