The goal of the Amara Foundation is to make a permanent impact on the living standards of the people of Myanmar through sustained and long-term collaboration on development projects. Our projects focus on medical care, education and the environment. Christina Stercken, an EAC Partner, has been active on the Amara Foundation project for the last eight years, and at least once a year visits on the ground the projects that it supports and others that it has started.

After the devestating Typhoon Nargis in May 2008, the trust spontaneously provided immediate assistance on the ground. Since then, the geographical focus of the Amara Foundation has been in the Irrawaddy Delta, which was hit particularly hard by the catastrophe.

Building hospitals and schools, equipping a mobile clinic, training and hiring doctors, nurses and teachers are just some of the many projects that the Foundation has been able to initiate and carry out over the last few years with specialist local staff.

The emergency assistance provided in 2008 has, in conjunction with the local village communities, developed into projects in the fields of health care and education. Since 2012 there has also been a programme for the environment. With support focused on these three areas, the Foundation aims to achieve a sustainable and permanent improvement in the living standards of the people in the villages of the Delta region and foster self-reliance by empowering the population to take a full part in their own development. This long-term engagement should help this disadvantaged region to catch up with the rest of the country and so join the transition that Myanmar will experience in the coming years.


  • Example project orphanages: ACT Aye Chan Thar is the oldest and, with about 80 boys, the largest orphanage supported by the Amara Foundation in Burma. It lies north-west of Yangon on the way to Pye. The annual running costs for food, clothing, school fees, accommodation and basic medical care are €350 for each child and these are largely covered by individual child sponsorships. Other items, such as additional teaching, transport to school, special projects (e.g. building work) are not included in that figure. These projects require about the same amount again per child per year.
  •  Example project scholarship programme: In 2011 the Foundation started a scholarship programme for children from the villages involved in the projects. Once they have completed school, the scholars are given financial assistance for their degree courses. Support for the students is normally €720 a year for three years.

For further information visit www.amara-foundation.com

“Dare to take the first step, and a way will open up before you.” (Asian proverb)
“Dare to take the first step, and a way will open up before you.” (Asian proverb)