Sister Modesta was born as Maria Bartl on 30.04.1912 in Wackersberg near Bad Tölz in Bavaria. In 1938 she began her first adventurous journey as a missionary sister to India. After working in various locations, she was transferred to the village of Shahpur, Bihar State, northeastern India, in the 1970s. Soon, the local mission station was extended by a school and a small farm.

Today, Bihar, with around 104 million inhabitants, is the poorest and at the same time one of the most unstable states in India. The population is rising sharply. Only about 63% of the population can read and write.

After Sister Modesta’s death, the “Friends of Sr. Modesta Help India” was founded 2014 in Wackersberg. Currently, the association supports 75 children with school fees, equipment and school-uniforms. Children from poor families and villages will be able to visit a full-fledged school. Education is the best way to break the cycle of day labor and achieve a more stable employment. The support of a child costs € 130 a year. In addition, women are taught sewing. This is a first step to reach independence. The association also supports needy families, sick children and TB patients.

Since EAC has been supporting projects in India for many years and has its own office in Mumbai since 2006, we also want to support social projects and young children locally.

A few examples of how little money can make a difference:

4 € costs a satchel …

25 € costs the training of a seamstress …

For 80 €, a new sewing machine for the sewing project can be purchased …

Every donation goes without loss directly to the monastery in India!

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“A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.” (Dante Alighieri)
“A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.” (Dante Alighieri)