Corporate Social Responsibility

One of EAC’s core principles and values is that our achievements shall contribute to global added value in terms of employment, environment and prosperity. We expect all EAC employees to demonstrate the social responsibility that all humans have for one another.

The 2001 EU Green Book of the European Commission defines Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as follows: “CSR is a concept serving companies as a foundation for the voluntary integration of social and environmental matters in their corporate activities and interactions with stakeholders”. What CSR therefore means for us is responsible entrepreneurial behaviour in all that we do, from our actual business activities (market), through ecologically relevant aspects (environment) to the relationship with our employees (workplace) and interaction with our clients and other stakeholders.

What CSR means for EAC in practice: 

  • Internally: EAC requires every employee to sign and live by the mandatory Code of Conduct. Social responsibility is also one criterion for selecting employees for EAC.
  • Externally: We respect cultural diversity, which is inherent in our business model. Increasing globalization is leading to globally dispersed value chains and, increasingly, manufacturing locations in emerging markets and developing countries. In general, such countries are not as developed as most industrialized nations in terms of social security standards and welfare and employment legislation. In advising our clients we apply a relatively uniform global standard. This means adapting CSR activities to the specific cultural needs of a particular country.
  • The individual initiative of our team members: We in the Management of EAC support the individual activities of our employees both morally and financially. Our employees give of their own free time to actively support many private foundations working in locations such as Myanmar, southern Africa and Eastern Europe.
  • Regular support: EAC regularly supports fundraising activities for humanitarian aid after natural disasters and other human tragedies. Donations of our employees are doubled by the management team.