Our understanding of Compliance is the abidance by all valid, relevant laws, regulations and guidelines as well as contractual obligations and voluntary commitments. EAC´s partners have the highest ethical standards and theses are demanded of all employees in all offices.

Every employee has to sign the Code of Conduct on joining EAC. The code is binding for every employee and every partner.

Code of Conduct (Excerpt)

  • EAC believes in a culture of professionalism, customer focus and excellence. All employees must therefore ensure that EAC’s reputation is not tarnished by dishonesty, disloyalty or corruption.
  • The Code of Conduct lays down the standards of behavior expected from every EAC employee in every business situation. The Code of Conduct is applicable within EAC.
  • It is EAC policy that no employee may solicit or accept bribes or any other kind of advantage from any person having business dealings with EAC. This applies also to all business partners of EAC.
  • Employees are to decline the offer of a gift if acceptance of it could affect their objectivity in conducting EAC’s consulting business, induce them to act against the interests of EAC, cause a breach of the law, or lead to allegations of impropriety.
  • Under no circumstances is an employee to offer bribes to any person or organization for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business. It is strictly forbidden to offer bribes or advantage or to seek to influence by any improper means whatsoever public servants in the awarding of public contracts, during the tendering process or in auctions.
  • Although entertainment is an acceptable form of business and social behavior, all employees are to turn down invitations to meals or entertainment that are excessive in nature or frequency, so as to avoid embarrassment or loss of objectivity when conducting company business.
  • A conflict of interest between private and business situations should be avoided. It arises when the private interests of an employee compete or conflict with the interests of EAC.
  • All employees are prohibited from disclosing any information classified by EAC as confidential to anybody without authorization, and undertake to take all measures necessary to maintain that confidentiality.