Do you want to know at first hand what project work at EAC looks like in the various positions? Read about the experiences of former and current members of staff at different levels for a deeper insight into the normal working day and tasks of the team.


Experiences of Christoph H., former Intern EAC office Munich

During my Economic Geography degree focusing on globalisation, I was looking for an opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. Up until then my internships had been exclusively in research establishments such as the Deutschen Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (German Aerospace Centre). EAC Consulting gave me the chance to apply my academic knowledge in the practical world of business. Furthermore, thanks to a martial arts course inTokyo lasting several months I had already had my first contact with Asia.

From my very first days at EAC I was involved in ongoing projects in which I was allowed to conduct and evaluate primary and secondary research. Later I was assigned directly to a project and could work on this from beginning to end and so become familiar with the steps of every individual project phase. My tasks on this project included generating a market study involving conduct and evaluation of primary analyses and producing presentations for clients. In addition I had the opportunity to go with the team on a business trip to another European country and so experience the presentation of the project to the client at first hand.

My internship at EAC gave me not only a very good insight into the activities of a management consulting firm, but also taught me a lot about the way companies work and the particularities of specific markets. In my daily work a lot of initiative and self-reliance was expected, but I always got the necessary support and backing from my colleagues at EAC and so could realize my full potential.

On the projects I learnt a lot – both from a professional and a personal perspective, met many interesting and extremely motivated individuals, and gained important experience that will most certainly be of use later in my career.

Experiences of Silvana V., former Intern EAC office Munich

After graduating with a Bachelor degree in International Business from the University of Maastricht followed by two internships in industry, I wanted to learn more about the daily work of a management consultancy. EAC appealed to me particularly because, with offices in India, Russia and China, the consultancy is internationally active and focuses on emerging markets. I developed my interest in emerging markets, particularly China, during a semester abroad at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and through numerous trips to China.

During my three-month internship I worked on various projects and so gained valuable insights into different sectors of industry – from medical technology to textiles. EAC’s clients are Mittelstand companies as well as world-famous multinationals.The consulting fields are also very varied. I worked mainly on strategy projects, but was also involved in carrying out studies and in an M&A project. My typical tasks involved producing analyses, assessments, studies and presentations. This depended on the specific project requirements and the phase of the project.

The EAC team in Munich is very friendly and working with them was inspiring. Everyone was open to questions and ready to help when difficulties arose. What I found particularly fascinating was that the project teams were made up not only of colleagues from Munich but also of colleagues from the other offices in Mumbai, Moscow and Shanghai. This provided the opportunity to work closely together with individuals from different cultures.

In summary, I can recommend an internship at EAC anytime. One gains a good insight into the world of consulting and learns a lot about the markets of the future. During my internship I experienced the steep learning curve for which the sector is well known and this enabled me to develop further in terms of both professional and personal growth.

Junior Consultant

Experiences of Raphael E., former Intern EAC Munich, now Junior Consultant EAC Shanghai

Before I started my degree course in Insurance and Finance in Wiesbaden, I did a two-year apprenticeship in industrial office administration. During my degree I did several internships in the banking and financial services sectors, but worked more than two years as a student for the company where I had done my apprenticeship. There I could get my first taste of consultancy work when I prepared market studies for the sales team. With my Bachelor’s degree in my pocket, I wanted to make constructive use of the time before my Master’s course at the University of Roehampton in London and did an internship at a financial consulting company in Shanghai. Fascinated by life in China, it very quickly became clear to me that I wanted to return and decided to shorten my time studying in London by writing my Master’s thesis at a German M&A consulting company in Shanghai. This experience strengthened my interest in the consulting industry in China so I decided to do an internship at EAC in Shanghai.

Equipped with a laptop, and after a short introduction to the team, I got straight down to work on my first day at EAC – market research on a potential growth market in China and support in the search for a suitable production site. After a short time I was integrated into meetings with clients and was going on business trips. Expert interviews and meetings with the project team became normality and I learnt to really “sell” the results of my work, to defend my point of view and to get the information I need. During my internship it was above all the dynamic and varied working environment of the consultant that really appealed to me. Every project brought new challenges with it and offered better opportunities to develop personally and professionally than in almost any other industry. After my four-month internship I was taken on by EAC as a Junior Consultant. The permanent position gave me more responsibility on the projects and the result-oriented work means I am not just “serving my time” but am my own boss – as long as the results are perfect.

Looking back, I can best describe my experience of working at EAC by a situation in my job interview. In answer to my question, what competitive advantage EAC has in the market, Uwe Haizmann (EAC Partner Shanghai) answered, “Our staff”. Right from the beginning as an intern I was integrated into the team. On the human level EAC is a real win for me.

Experiences of Martin W., former Junior Consultant EAC Munich

My first experiences of Asia were a martial arts course in Tokyo and an internship at a trading agency in Shanghai on my dual study Business Management degree course.
In Dubai and Munich I completed further internships in the fields of leadership training and change management. I was looking for a work environment with a focus on Asia in an international team. Furthermore, I wanted to be able to bring in my creativity and cultural competence to the projcet work. At EAC I got the opportunity to do just that.
At EAC I was predominantly employed on projects focusing on internationalization strategies for German engineering companies in Asia and sometimes worked directly for the board. My tasks included preparing concrete proposals to acquire new business and I was also responsible for conducting interviews in the target markets.

The team, the interesting tasks on our international projects and the business trips abroad were a real enrichment of my professional career.

Senior Consultant

Experiences of Robert S., former Senior Consultant EAC Munich, now Project Manager

Even before I started working for EAC I wanted an internationally oriented career. This was reflected in my work experience and courses in China, Kenya, Israel and the USA. At EAC I work on projects around the world, although I focus on China and European growth markets. I have been able to gain multi-faceted practical experience over the last few years with clients from the most varied industries and I am now a specialist in the Building Materials and Mobility ICC  (Industry Competence Centre).

On our projects I am responsible for complete project modules and supervise part of the project team. I communicate directly with our clients and have a leading part to play in developing and presenting tailor-made strategies.

As well as working on existing projects I am also active in acquiring new business and marketing our consultancy services internationally. This has enabled me to build up a wide-ranging network of contacts in industry and to experience first hand the challenges our clients face in different markets. I am both fascinated and driven by the chance to develop, in intercultural teams, first-class solutions to the challenges our clients face in an international competitive environment.

Experiences of Jan R., former Intern EAC Munich, now Senior Consultant EAC Shanghai

After an apprenticeship in industrial office administration in the automotive supply industry, I decided on an English-language Bachelor’s programme at the Cologne Business School. My main subjects were International Business and East Asia Management. In the course of my studies I completed a semester abroad at the National Chengchi University in Taipeh and gained additional professional experience through working in a management consultancy and in a firm of tax advisors and accountants, as well as an internship at an automotive industry supplier in Shanghai. After my Bachelor’s degree, it was important to me to use the time between the Bachelor’s and Master’s courses productively. After my previous experiences, the professional field of consulting appealed to me the most and I therefore decided to do an internship at EAC in Munich.

On my first day at work I was already assigned to a project and was at the kick-off meeting. I supported the experienced consultants in developing a strategy for the successful market entry of a large construction company in several European countries. My daily work included the initial secondary research to gain a better overview of the market, business trips with consultants to the target countries as well as preparing presentations for the client.

In the course of my internship I learned a lot, both professionally and personally, met a lot of interesting and motivated people, gained a lot of experience and made the decision to pursue a career as a consultant. After successfully completing my studies and my first professional experience in China, I joined EAC in Shanghai as a Junior Consultant and after a year was promoted to Senior Consultant.

Projekt Manager

Experiences of Liane H., former Project Manager and Principal, EAC Munich

My career at EAC started as a Junior Consultant in 2000. Learning the consultancy business from the bottom up helped me as Project Manager to correctly assess the synthesis of client expectations and pressure to produce results versus time and analytical effort required and to implement this synthesis with a focus on results. After I had spent two years at the EAC office in Shanghai leading primarily implementation-oriented projects, I returned in 2007 to our office in Munich and there I was primarily responsible for strategy and localisation projects outside China.

In my time at EAC I visited over 30 countries and led projects in the most varied of regions. The challenge is to maintain the high quality standards of EAC in the respective countries and even in a difficult information environment to achieve the best possible results for our clients.

Personally I always find it exciting to get deeply involved in new subject areas, to work in teams from different continents and cultures, and with every project to experience something new.