Are you interested in a position at EAC and want to know more? Here you can find the most important information about joining dates, qualifications, requirements and the most important selection criteria when applying to join EAC. Should you not find the answers to your questions, contact us at office@eac-consulting.de

Is it only possible to join EAC on specific dates?

No, we hire people throughout the year.

How many consultants does EAC intend to hire this year?

We plan to hire between 10 and 15 in Shanghai, Munich, Mumbai and Moscow.

Does EAC have any preferences regarding applicants from specific disciplines (e.g. business administration)?

No, we hire applicants from different disciplines (business administration, technical disciplines, international studies etc.). However, we do prefer applicants who have studied internationally, and who already have longer term experience in another cultural environment.

What are the most important requirements?

You should have attained excellent marks in your exams, already have initial work experience either abroad or with an international company, have knowledge of a foreign language, preferably also an Asian language (e.g. Chinese) as well as excellent analytical and communication skills.

Which position should I apply for?

This depends on your professional background. We would recommend that you apply for a position as a Consultant. We can then both decide what starting position would be appropriate for you and what we can offer you.

What is the average time frame from application to my first working day at EAC?

You should expect this process to take on average 2-3 months from application to signing the contract.