C2P – Compliant to Perform? Navigating issues for your business in China

Artikel von Alexei Ahrens, EAC Principal,  zum Thema C2P

What Makes the Chinese environment so challenging? China is in the process of economic transition with many challenges both on an economic and socio-demographic level.

The top challenge impacting future business in mainland China is perceived to be the “Chinese economic slowdown” (> 50% of European companies operate in China). Challenges not only arise from economic factors such as the slowing economy and increasing costs but also from the regulatory environment such as market barriers and/ or investment restrictions, ambiguous rules and regulations as well as non-compliant competition.

These challenges can be clustered into four major interrelated focus areas that affect the regulatory environment: demographics, macroeconomics, environmental issues and growing competition. Therefore, Chinese government has little choice but to intervene and continuously tighten the regulatory environment. Indeed, compliance topics and therewith-related regulatory environment issues increasingly put management under pressure.

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